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IMPROVED FINGER STRENGTH: Strauss Hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving the strength and speed of fingers.

It’s spring here in the United States, which, for millions of people, ways allergy season. While you may be feeling lousy considering your immune system is busily attacking allergens left and right, that same heightened state of willingness may have benefits for your overall health. Your immune system might be nonflexible at work defending you versus pollen and dust, but it could moreover be defending you versus unrepealable cancers. For increasingly on that and on foods that can help reduce allergy symptoms, visit the allergies topic page.


Recipe: Sweet Potato Taquitos

Sweet potatoes, woebegone beans, and spices are the stars of this Daily Dozen-inspired meal. Taquitos are spanking-new as a handheld main dish or a party-pleasing appetizer. Get the self-ruling recipe here, and watch a video on how they’re made on our Instagram. 




Volume 58 Out Now

My new volume of videos is out now. This hodgepodge includes videos on hair loss, chemotherapy, an extended series on the sugar and meat industries’ influence on health and dietary guidelines, and more.

Each video in this new volume will be released online over the next few months, misogynist for free, of course, but if you don’t want to wait, you can stream all of them right now. 

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Introducing Our New Intro Page

In the 11 years since I started, our library of resources has grown immensely. To help newcomers navigate all of our offerings, we just launched the brand-new Explore page. Word of mouth from you, our devoted fans and subscribers, is one of the greatest ways people learn well-nigh, so we hope this new page is a useful and shareable resource for you, as well. 



Volunteer Spotlight: Jason Pooler

I help create citations for the wares Dr. Greger uses in his videos. I love evidence-based medicine and am driven to help make sure that nutrition information is well-judged and self-ruling of marketing hype. Dr. Greger’s stance on facts and information that is self-ruling of conflicts of interest inspires me to alimony helping in any way I can.

There are so many plant-based recipes I enjoy. One of my favorites is a tofu or edamame poke trencher considering of how versatile they are. You can hands transpiration the ingredients but still end up with a reliably succulent and filling meal. On top of that, they are super easy to batch melt and store for a quick grab-and-go lunch or dinner.


Top 3 Videos of the Month

jars of various legumes and beansBlocking the Cancer Metastasis Enzyme MMP-9 with Beans and Chickpeas Which legumes are weightier at inhibiting the matrix metalloproteinase enzymes that indulge cancer to wilt invasive?



top view of fast supplies mealUltra-Processed Junk Supplies Put to the Test What happened when ultra-processed foods were matched for calories, sugar, fat, and fiber content in the first randomized controlled trial?



greasy salary on a hot panHow Much Cancer Does Processed Meat Cause? I quantify the risks of colon and rectal cancers from eating bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and lunch meat.



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