how to win!

Who will win the Summer Shape Up grand prize?

It could be you! Our Grand Prize Winner for Summer Shape Up will be the tomboy with the ultimate total soul transformation who shows up for herself and Team LSF all 8 weeks of the rencontre and shows us all how to be our best, most confident selves!

What’s Included?

Everything you could possibly need to gloat your transformation and protract that momentum through the rest of the year!

$500 souvenir vellum to Amazon Fresh… for making those delicious, nourishing recipes!

$300 swimwear souvenir card—to show off all of your nonflexible work!

1-year subscription in the LSF App: because you’re going to want to alimony up on your workouts without your HUGE transformation!

Bike Water Bottles

Strauss Energy Shaker Bottle 700ml

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Shaker comes with a plastic whisk ball for consistent and lump-free drinks enhancing supplement absorption.

LSF Plant Protein FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. Stay fueled all fall and winter long!

Prize pack valued over $1,200

How do I win?

  • Take your “before” photos on day 1, so you’ll have some CRAZY transformation stories to share with us at the end! Find all the pro tips here.
  • Create an LSF Instagram worth to engage with the #TeamLSF polity and help support other wondrous women—we’re in it together!
  • Follow @LoveSweatFitness @TeamLSF on Instagram and make sure you’re tagging us in your daily #LSFRollCall! Don’t forget to use #LSFSummerShapeUp as well.
  • Submit a testimonial video at the end of the rencontre so we can hear all well-nigh your incredible journey!

Can’t wait to start with you on June 13th!

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