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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and a unconfined opportunity to practice stuff increasingly mindful in our everyday lives!

It’s interesting to me that not long ago, no one was really talking well-nigh mindfulness. Now, I finger like it’s everywhere. And it’s so awesome! Stuff tuned into the moment, really enjoying what’s happening right now, is so, SO powerful. Like, life changing.  

But it’s hard, right? With life running a million miles a minute and a thousand things you want to do, it can be nonflexible to slow lanugo unbearable to do plane a few minutes of mindfulness activities. But don’t you worry, girl! I’ve got you. I’ve put together some of my weightier tips to help you stay in the moment during your everyday routine.

Everyday mindfulness activities

Mindful eating

How often do you scarf lanugo a meal surpassing running to matriculation or mindlessly eat while you’re in front of the TV? Change it up, girl!

Try stuff mindful when you’re eating. Slow lanugo and really taste each bite. Have a moment of worshipping for the trappy meal in front of you. You’ll get so much increasingly out of mealtime this way!

If mindful eating is nonflexible for you, it can be helpful to take a few minutes without you eat to make notes on your meal. Don’t just write lanugo the basics, like what you ate and the nutrient breakdown, but moreover note how it made you feel. You might learn increasingly well-nigh healthy supplies options that make you super happy! 

Quality, nutritious supplies choices can go a long way in impacting both your physical and mental wellbeing. A largest nutrition = a healthier lifestyle = largest mental health!

Mindful listening

Okay, I know we all struggle with this. But of all the mindfulness activities, this is the one that will make the biggest difference for the people you superintendency most about.

Here’s what I do: if I’m going to meet up with a friend but I know my smart-ass is going a mile a minute, I whittle out a few minutes to sit with my notebook or #GOALS Planner. I make notes well-nigh stuff I don’t want to forget and put stuff on my timetable to deal with later. That way, when I show up with my friend, I can be totally, 100% present with her. I can tune into everything she’s saying and really enjoy the time with her. And I think it makes the hangout sesh largest for both of us! 

Mindful Meditation

Meditation is one of those ideas of mindfulness that can finger really intimidating if you’re not sure where to start. But meditating helps to slash stress and increase your self-awareness, plus it makes you finger better. And it can plane make you increasingly creative and patient! (You don’t have to take my word for it. Trammels out this research.)

My top tips to make meditation finger way easier are:

  • Start with ten minutes a day. Seriously, you can do anything for ten minutes! Roll out your

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  • Use guided meditations. Just sitting there can be tricky if you haven’t figured out how to quiet and wifely your brain. I love using guided meditations to help me hold this space for myself. There are a tuft on YouTube and Spotify (you can plane type in “10 minute guided meditation”) or you can try an app. Both Headspace and Calm have self-ruling trials so you can take them for a spin. I moreover have mindfulness and relaxing yoga classes on LSF the App.
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Mindful Reflection

I’ve found that one of the most helpful tools to modernize mindfulness is just having a place to put stuff to get it out of my brain! Seriously, it’s so nonflexible to be in the moment when the to-do list in your throne is seven miles long. 

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I’ve been using my LSF planner to do this and just having a place to write everything lanugo so you can get it off your mind is insanely helpful! Once I’ve washed-up the smart-ass dump, it frees up space for me to tackle my to-dos one by one and focus on the tasks individually.

To take it a step further, start a journal.

Journaling gives you a endangerment to trammels in with yourself. It’s a space where you can put words to things you’ve been feeling — maybe plane things you didn’t know you were feeling! And considering it’s a totally safe, private space, you can unshut up and let it all go.

Seriously, I think journaling is super cathartic. And, again, this is one of those ideas for mindfulness that can take you just 10 minutes! Make a little time when you first wake up or surpassing you go to bed. You can periodical while you’re all comfy under the covers and you might be surprised how good your smart-ass feels afterward. 

Movement for Your Mind

Regular exercise has enormous impacts on nearly every speciality of your health—your mental health is no exception. It’s well studied that people who work out unceasingly are less likely to suffer from upper levels of stress, anxiety, or depression. Not to mention the uplift in conviction that comes from feeling good well-nigh your soul and all the strength you’ll gain!

Make it a goal to whittle out 30 minutes to move your soul as many days as you can in a week. My proven 3:1 training method in my LSF the App workouts will requite you everything you need to not only see results, but to reap the mental health benefits of working out without having to spend hours in a gym!

Start your 7-day self-ruling trial of LSF the App today!

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These are just a few mindfulness activities, but it’s really all well-nigh finding what works for you. I know mindfulness can be tricky, but alimony trying because, seriously, it’s worth it — and so are you!

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