8 week transformation

All the women in this polity pushed themselves mentally, physically and emotionally during our 8 week transformation.

I am constantly impressed and inspired by the wondrous transformation photos and stories you share in your Summer Shape Up Challenge.

Can you believe together you lost over 200 pounds during this challenge! And that’s just from the women who submitted to win! Follow Team LSF on IG to see more!

You all finished this 8 Week Rencontre stronger than surpassing and I am so proud of each and every one of you!

It is time to shoutout our SSU winners! These women stayed defended and resulting with their Hot Soul Meal Plan and LSF app workouts.

These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heart warming stories!

8 Week Transformation | GRAND PRIZE WINNER

Nicole, @nicole77_lsf

Nicole ABSOLUTELY crushed this challenge. She works full time and is a full-time student, pursuing a master’s degree. Despite her rented schedule she found time to commit to yourself and LOST 28lbs!!

She found out a couple years ago, that she has hypothyroidism. She tried to lose weight and wilt healthier many times but it wasn’t until she found Katie’s Youtube waterworks that she became invested in herself. ⁠

“This plan (and the SSU challenge) has taught me how to eat, unquestionably eat, so that I can fuel myself and finger good well-nigh what I am putting into my body. SSU taught me how to fathom a workout, plane a quick 10-minute workout, to help my day go better. ⁠My favorite part of SSU was the Monday morning live workout sessions and the support that I got (and gave) to so many other women who are striving for their weightier lives as well. But I have all of these women (whom I have never met) who are so supportive that it helps me to alimony going, plane when I want to quit on myself.”

Runner Ups

Natasha, @tatatashie

Natasha was ready to stay single-minded to this rencontre and she did just that! She stay resulting with eating healthy and working out and she lost 11lbs!!

“This rencontre put the life when in me. I truly had to dig deep and remember my why. The week surpassing the rencontre I went and filled my fridge with all healthy foods. I was 170.6 lbs. I couldn’t believe it. Although that is just a number on a scale, I could finger it in my health. I just wanted to start feeling largest and to find my happy self again. Junk supplies is my biggest battles and the lsf protein has been a game changer. I thought you could never eat any type of dessert but you can have healthy desserts and you can have bad ones in moderation. But with the new LSF flavors of the protein powders I don’t plane want the bad sweets anymore.”

Megan, @maeve_moves

This was Megan’s first rencontre with us and first rencontre EVER that she stayed fully resulting with! She lost 7lbs and credits a lot of this weight loss to making adjustments to her nutrition with the help of the Hot Soul Meal Plan. Using the guidelines and swaps makes it so easy to make it work for you, “I finger so empowered to make the weightier decisions for myself now.”

One of Megan’s favorite parts of the rencontre was how engaged the LSF polity was. She loved how the whole LSF polity unfurled to encourage each other and engage on social media plane when the rencontre ended. Megan said this was the weightier 8 week periods of her life considering she felt good every day.

Our Pink Heart Award goes to…

Sara-Lynn, @lsf_saralynn

This is a serious 8 week transformation!

Sara-Lynn was so encouraging and kind to everyone during this rencontre plane when her rented schedule came into play.

Her transferral to the Hot Soul Meal Plan, 14 Day Shape Up, and her workouts was so inspiring to others throughout the challenge!

These women crushed the Summer Shape Up Rencontre and went whilom and vastitude for themselves and for this whole community. I am so proud you all!

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