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I am continuously impressed by our LSF community. All the women in this polity worked their butts off in this challenge. Not only was I inspired by your AMAZING transformation photos but your stories nearly brought me to tears. 

I am so proud of each and every one of you! You all finished this 8-Week Rencontre strong which will help to create wonderful habits that will last a lifetime. Thank you for pushing yourselves and our polity to be the weightier we can be! 

While we are on the subject, we need to shoutout our SSD winners! These women put their all into this 8-Week Challenge. These mythological women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heart warming stories! It is my pleasure to introduce you: 


Lindsay, @linds.lsf

This was Lindsay’s FIRST rencontre with us! She veritably crushed this rencontre and she lost 6lbs within this 8-Week Challenge. This rencontre saved her and helped to create wondrous new habits that she plans to stay resulting with. 

“Three weeks into the challenge, my thoroughbred pressure readings fell into the healthy range where they belong. They’ve been in that healthy range overly since. It’s crazy how fast my soul responded to a few simple improvements. I started taking superintendency of it and it immediately returned the favor.During the challenge, I lost 6 pounds and a couple inches off of my waist, hips, and thighs. But I gained an “I can do this” vein and that’s made all the difference. Now I finger ready to tackle new challenges such as defended meal prep and leveling up to wide workouts in the app. This whole wits ended on a upper note for me considering just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend took me engagement-ring window shopping! So what started out as a transferral to my health is turning into the whence of the rest of my weightier life. “

Runner Ups

Emilee, @lsf_emjenn

Emilee was ready to crush this rencontre right from the start and she did just that! This was her first rencontre with us and she lost 7lbs! She has the most wondrous story to share: 

“I’m so grateful to have found Love Sweat Fitness. I have hypothyroidism genetically and have unchangingly struggled with my weight since college. After having my daughter in 2013, I was diagnosed with PCOS and could not lose weight no matter which diet/exercise program I tried.  The frustrating thing well-nigh PCOS is that you can heal it if you lose weight, but it’s really difficult to lose it considering of that condition. Some exercise programs I tried would have exercises that are painful on the joints, and, at age 44 and overweight, I would find them nonflexible to continue. Nutrition would unchangingly leave me feeling hungry. I was very frustrated. I stumbled upon one of Katie’s videos on YouTube, searching for help in managing my hypothyroidism and weight. I loved that she shared a similar story with hypothyroidism so I decided to join the Spring Slim Lanugo Rencontre and 8 weeks later I’m amazed at my results. Not only have I lost weight (7 pounds), but I’ve re-shaped my soul and finger in tenancy of my health for the first time in a long time!  The most challenging part for me was forming a routine of exercise and nutrition that I had conviction in that would work for me! Once I started seeing changes of weight loss and muscle tone in my body, I was thrilled and that motivated me to alimony going. The Team LSF ladies encouraged me and I loved that I could ask questions withal the way of them and moreover the Team/Nutritionists/Katie. The LSF protein is a big freelancer to my success as well as the nutrition plans considering they took the guesswork out of everything for me.” 

Megan, @meg.an_lsf

Megan’s transformation is so inspiring. Her transformation photo is incredible but I am talking well-nigh her story! This was her first rencontre with us and she lost 7lbs and said this rencontre reverted her life!

“I found LSF through YouTube one day…what unprotected my sustentation was that she moreover had a history of trying to icon out what worked weightier for her. I am 33 years old and I’ve tried everything under the sun! This is the first program I’ve not only been worldly-wise to establish a solid routine with but it’s so manageable to want to protract every single day. I’ve unquestionably been pursuit the LSF system since the end of January. And my starting weight then was 158, lanugo to 134 now! I have moreover gone lanugo 4 sizes in jeans! My favorite part of this rencontre was meeting so many women and stuff worldly-wise to communicate with them and with the LSF team throughout this journey! It really is the wool weightier support team! I am so incredibly thankful for Love Sweat Fitness, it has reverted my life, my outlook, my routine, my day to day living, my motivation, my goals, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my happiness! I have never felt increasingly well-appointed and confident in my own skin!”

Our Pink Heart Award goes to Tamsi, AKA @tamsi_lsf

I am sure this came as no surprise to anyone, Tamsi was so kind and encouraging to everyone during this challenge. She not only encouraged everyone else but her own transferral to this rencontre shed light and inspiration to others throughout the challenge!

All of these women crushed the Spring Slim Lanugo Rencontre and went whilom and vastitude for themselves and for this whole community. I cannot wait to see the wondrous transformations and encouragement to one flipside in our next challenge!

Our next rencontre starts June 13th!

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