My Fitness GOAL for Next Year

2022 is scrutinizingly in the rear view mirror and right now is the perfect time to reflect on what went well this year—and what you want to focus on increasingly next year! My 30-Day Rencontre is back, largest than ever, and my goal for next year is to join LSF 30 with you!

If working out increasingly powerfully or unceasingly is anywhere on your list, then the LSF 30 is the perfect way to start your new year too!


LSF 30 2023 Breakdown:

The 2023 LSF 30 rencontre is going to be the weightier yet!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 30 Days FREE premium wangle to the MOVE fitness app for your daily workouts
  • FREE 2-day detox ebook to start the rencontre with clarity (no gross soups or weird juices in sight!)

Plus, you’ll get cheered on every step of the way with me and the rest of the LSF community.


Just MOVE for 30 Mins a Day for FREE

When you sign up for the challenge, you’ll get 30 days of the MOVE app completely free!

The MOVE app helps you transform your soul in 30 minutes a day:

  • Do your workouts anytime, anywhere
  • Customize your workout level
  • Enjoy Barre, HIIT, strength, yoga, & more
  • 500 days of guided workouts
  • 150 full-length 15-45 minute videos
  • Integrated with the rencontre so you know EXACTLY what workouts to do each day

Get 30 days of MOVE completely self-ruling when you sign up for LSF 30—then 30 increasingly days self-ruling for completing the challenge!

That’s 60 days of working out, totally free. And there’s no strings attached, other than asking you to commit to yourself and having the weightier 2023 possible with LSF 30.


FREE Meal Plan

I want you to have everything you need to crush 2023, so to kick things off, I’m giving you my trademark new 2 Day Detox Meal Plan with recipes for FREE when you join!

We’re moreover going to have a lot of fun together on email and in my text club! All of my weightier tips, major giveaways, and surprises to help you start the new year STRONG!



Starting your year with LSF 30 may rationalization a total lifestyle transformation that lasts all year long!! It helped me and tons of other women in our #teamlsf polity to kick off our fitness goal for the new year.

Whether your goal is to shed pounds, tone your body, or get uneaten support to stay resulting with your 2023 routines, it’s time to CHOOSE YOU and join my LSF 30 Challenge.

There’s PLENTY increasingly LSF 30 support, tips, and giveaways coming on the @lovesweatfitness Instagram and via text. If you’re not opted in, text BEST ME 23 to 1 (949) 570-5746 right now to join.

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