8 week total soul transformation challenge

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On June 13th my Summer Shape Up rencontre is BACK!

Aren’t you tired of dreading summer? Feeling self-conscious well-nigh your soul considering you haven’t quite “hit your goal weight” yet?

I’ve been there, and I don’t want you to finger like that overly again! I transformed my soul in less than 30 minutes a day and now it’s your turn!

8 Week Total Soul Transformation Challenge

We’ll be working out together each day in the LSF app and pursuit my step-by-step Summer Shape Up nutrition plan to guarantee you the BEST RESULTS in 8 weeks.

Some of the widow benefits you’ll get when you join:

  • My weightier tips for healthy weight loss towers strength 
  • Opportunities to win insane prizes just for showing up 
  • Support & motivation from the unshortened #TeamLSF polity withal the way
  • LIVE workouts w/ me
  • Exclusive perks for those in my email and text club! 

Are you ready for your total soul transformation?

I know it can seem so nonflexible to make a change, but I need you to know you are worth it!

Whether your goal is to shed pounds, build strength, or get uneaten motivation to stay resulting with your routines, this 8-week transformation rencontre is exactly what you need!

Your turn starts now!

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