grow your booty

Get ready to wake up your glutes! The 2022 Take Rencontre is going to help you lift, tone, and build your weightier stump in 3 weeks. We start September 26th!

We’ll be working out daily together using my 3:1 method in my training app MOVE by Love Sweat Fitness and I’ll be giving you a FREE eBook with trademark new booty towers recipes pre & post workout nutrition tips just for signing up! Not only that, there’s a endangerment to win some wondrous prizes! I can’t wait for you to join us!

I know getting and staying motivated can be tough, so I’ll moreover be sending you weekly emails and texts sharing tips and lots of inspiration to help you reach your goals!

Your Daily Sweat

On September 26th you will find your Take Rencontre workouts in the rencontre section of MOVE

Your Workouts

You will see you three-part rencontre designed to strengthen and tone your glutes.

Here’s the dispersal of what to expect each day to help grow your take in 3 weeks!

1: Sweat Sesh

This is your main workout that is personalized for you, based on your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

2: Daily 10

10 min workout that is unconfined as a dynamic warm-up or a quick workout anytime, anywhere!

3: Bonus Move

This is the Take Bonus Move that will target your glutes every day!

The Grand Prize

As if that new take wasn’t enough, you could win some wondrous prizes just for committing to yourself for the next 4 weeks!

How do I win?

  • Take your “before” photos on day 1, so you’ll have an wondrous transformation story to share with us at the end! Find all the pro tips here.
  • Create an LSF Instagram worth to engage with the #TeamLSF polity and help support other wondrous women—we’re in it together!
  • Follow @LoveSweatFitness @TeamLSF on Instagram and make sure you’re tagging us in your daily #LSFRollCall! Don’t forget to use #LSFbooty as well.
  • Submit a testimonial at the end of the rencontre so we can hear all well-nigh your incredible journey!

Can’t wait to start with you on September 26th!

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