How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It feels scrutinizingly untellable to stick to your routines and the stress of gaining weight from all the holiday goodness. I’ve been there, but over the last few years I’ve perfected my routines.

Now, I can indulge in all the holiday spirit (ya know, like cookies) and come out the other side feeling GOOD.

So, I am starting Holiday Survival Challenge to requite you 21 days of healthy routines and quick workouts to trammels yourself off your list this year.


What’s in the Holiday Survival Challenge?

During this three week challenge, we’ll still be working out together in MOVE App. (because short, at-home workouts are life rn).

We’re moreover going to have fun together on email and in my text club!

Plus, I’ll be sharing all of my best tips, major giveaways, and surprises to help you enjoy this special time of year!

We start on Monday November 28th, but I have a lot in store for you surpassing then!

Your Trainer to Help to Stay Healthy

I’m your trainer and founder of Love Sweat Fitness, Katie Dunlop.

After my own 45lbs weight loss journey I knew I needed to empower other women take when tenancy of their lives.

As a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, I’ve now helped thousands of women transform their persons over the years.

My 3:1 Method was designed for YOU! You will get the optimal wastefulness of strength with quick cardio bursts in each session to build lean muscle and shrivel fat!


Your Workouts During Holidays to Maintain Your Weight

Your 30 minute workouts in the MOVE App are FAST, EFFECTIVE, EASY TO FOLLOW and can be washed-up at home. (or basically ANYWHERE.)

This time of year is well-nigh enjoying the people (and foods) we love and my MOVE App workouts will requite you time and energy when to do both! Also, if you didn’t once know, we rebranded LSF the App to “MOVE” app. I moreover upgraded the app with a HUGE update on features like the chrome-cast, logging outside workouts, etc. (basically everything you girls have been asking for!)

So, I want to requite you something to make it super easy to start this challenge.

I’ve never washed-up this before, but this time of year calls for it. You’re going to 30 Days of premium wangle to my app for only $1 with lawmaking HSC22

You may be asking yourself, why is it $1?

Why not requite it to me for free?

One thing I’ve learned through my own weight loss journey is that investing in yourself (even if it’s just $1) will help alimony you increasingly accountable.

I KNOW you are worth that and so much more, I need you to know that as well. Click here to get started.


To help alimony you motivated throughout the challenge, I will be doing new giveaways every week!

Make sure you’re pursuit @lovesweatfitness, @teamlsf & @lsfnutrition on IG and turn post notifications on so you don’t miss a endangerment to enter a giveaway!

Most people don’t start their fitness goals until January, but most people moreover fail.

We’re doing it differently.

We’re starting right now so we can get a throne start and finger incredible this holiday season!

If you’re tired of going through the holidays feeling guilty and want my personal support, join the challenge here.


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