How to Force fat-loss with your diet in a scientific approach

Forcing Fat Loss (and keeping muscles safe) – This is probably the most difficult part of any cutting/fat-loss diet.

With your aim to lose as much fat as possible, the error most people make is to pitch the calories too low for their body and as such create a “famine” environment which have certain very unwanted reactions in the body.

This “famine” environment result in a drastic amount of muscle-mass being lost amongst other things. In most scenarios this is much more than the actual fat you are losing. Many people say they do not care about this fact, but what they do not realize is that the muscle mass they carry plays a significant role in their bodies energy burning/metabolic rate. Muscle mass is one of the biggest factors in determining your base metabolic rate. Plus a body without little muscles will NEVER look as good as a body with the good muscle mass – muscle give shape to a body. If you loose your muscle you might be slim but will always look floppy and shapeless.

The best approach is ALWAYS (!) to pitch the daily calories consumed such, that you lose maximum fat and minimum muscle.

Now how does one do that?

The problem everyone is facing is the fact that not any two of our bodies are the same.

Our bodies reaction to the same amount of calories differ from person to person. The following factors are just some of the reasons why:

Your past few years diet routines

Your past few years exercise routines or lack thereof.

How frequently you eat meals and the sizes thereof.

Your amount of muscle mass on your body.

Your age.

And many more…

So if you think you can grab a diet from a book or of the internet and plug in to reach success – WRONG!

Here is a process that you can apply to adjust any diet to function optimally for your body.

In other words a process to align the calories consumed to allow your body to primarily burn fat and not muscle.

The process:

Start with a sample cutting diet (see diet in video: “Advanced cutting method delivering superior results”)

Every 14 days you need to re-align the calorie amounts depending on how your body reacted in this previous 14 day period.

The realignment process:

Weight yourself in on a scale
Fat calliper pinch measurements on abs, chest, shoulders, upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, upper and lower back and back of neck.

All these measurements together paint a picture:

Should the scale be down but fat calliper readings stayed the same, it shows muscle loss and diet must be adjusted across the board with and 10% increase in calories. This must be done every two weeks until such time that the scale drops but fat callipers measurements dropped as well…this is called your sweet spot where your body is NOT in a famine environment but you feed it just enough to protect the muscles and start loosing the fat reserves.
Should the fat calliper measurements show an increase and the scale increased as well, then you are consuming too much calories and must cut calories across the board with a 10% factor and redo above monitoring after 14 days. This must be done until such time that you hit the sweetspot.

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Happy training! Cheers…
Gert Louw


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