Advanced Chest & Triceps Workout | Mike Vazquez’s Ripped Remix | Day 3

Day 3 Mike Vazquez’s Ripped Remix training program is a chest-and-triceps killer! Get ready to push your limits with this brutal workout.
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Most of the exercises you’ll do today should be familiar to you. But don’t confuse “familiar” with “easy.” The supersets will test your endurance, especially when you start to get fatigued. Do your best to complete the reps as prescribed, even if you have to take a little break.

Weighted dips can be done in a variety of ways. You can use a weighted vest, a dip belt, or you can hold a dumbbell between your ankles. However, if you struggle to perform dips even without weight, don’t use extra resistance.

If you need assistance performing dips use a dip machine. It’s important to still challenge yourself, though. For instance, perform as many reps as you can without assistance before getting some help. Don’t settle into doing the same weight each week. Every workout should be harder than the one before.

If you’re tired of the same old split and the same old results, you’re definitely in the right place. Mike Vasquez is a one-of-a-kind athlete. So, you’d better believe his trainer will test you in completely new ways. It’s time to remix your workout.

Each week will combine full-body training, body-part splits, and hybrid workouts that will teach you new skills and challenge your athleticism. You’ll do high-volume straight sets of bread-and-butter bodybuilding moves, pump-inducing supersets, and seriously tough circuits. Each style of training will help you build muscle, burn fat, and enhance your performance.

Some of the movements in the Ripped Remix trainer may be unfamiliar and difficult. Don’t be discouraged. We’ve provided step-by-step guides to each exercise. If you really can’t perform an exercise as prescribed, then feel free to substitute with an easier alternative. Can’t handle the volume? Dial it back, but not too much.

Handstand push-ups are probably the most difficult movement you’ll encounter today. To do them, kick up into a handstand against the wall. (You may want to put a pad of some sort under your head.) Lower yourself down as far as is comfortable, and then press back up, all the while staying upside down. If you’re completely uncomfortable with being upside down, put your feet or knees on a box with your legs at 90 degrees. Position yourself so your hips are over your shoulders.

| Ripped Remix |
For the experienced gym-goer who needs an energy injection, Michael Vazquez’s Ripped Remix will help you get lean, add size, gain athleticism, and be way more of a badass in just four weeks. This is the sort of training that will raise your overall level of fitness and make you better at everything else, inside and outside the gym.

| Shred Down the Smart Way |
You can burn fat on cardio machines, or you can do it with battle ropes, barbells, and superman push-ups. Michael Vazquez’s hybrid training style provides cardio’s fitness benefits, but with an advanced skills-and-strength focus that hones a more developed, more capable athlete. This is no beginner bootcamp. You’ll do high-rep, high-volume, high-intensity workouts that demand total concentration.

| Expert Guidance |
Prepare to become a true athlete, not just a person who is sort of into fitness. Each day’s workout comes with a slightly insane video of Mike performing the exercises to teach proper form and demonstrate that, yes, these moves are humanly possible. You’ll also receive explanations and tips for moving through the innovative workouts.

| Nutrition and Supplement Plan |
While other fat-loss diets restrict calories mercilessly, Michael Vazquez’s plan lets you eat. You’ll still need to control calories and macros, but the goal is to eat enough to power you through the demanding workouts in order to reap the greatest rewards. Likewise, the simple supplementation program is laser-targeted on performance and recovery.


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